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Black Angel by Graham Masterton
Black Angel
A serial killer is on the loose in San Francisco in Graham Masterton's gruesome thriller.
Death Mask by Graham Masterton
Death Mask
How do you stop a murderer who can't be seen? Master plotting and suspense from Graham Masterton.
Death Trance by Graham Masterton
Death Trance
Demons lay in wait in the realm of the dead, in Graham Masterton's gripping horror Death Trance.
Edgewise by Graham Masterton
Graham Masterton taps ancient mythology and contemporary horror in this thrilling, chilling novel.
Manitou Blood by Graham Masterton
Manitou Blood
A terrible epidemic is unleashed on New York City. Psychic Harry Erskine must enter the shadow world between the living and the dead in his struggle for human survival...
Prey by Graham Masterton
A dilapidated 19th-century orphanage with a dark, unforgettable secret.
Revenge of the Manitou by Graham Masterton
Revenge of the Manitou
The sequel for the occult bestseller, The Manitou. The Manitou had been vanquished once before, but this time he would not fail...
Ritual by Graham Masterton
Stomach-turning horror from master of the genre, Graham Masterton.
Spirit by Graham Masterton
A chilling tale by the world's leading horror writer, Graham Masterton.
Tengu by Graham Masterton
Steeped in the sinister magic of ancient Japan, by Britain's leading horror writer, Graham Masterton.
The Chosen Child by Graham Masterton
The Chosen Child
A darkly disturbing thriller from the world's bestselling horror writer, Graham Masterton.
The Drowned: A Short Story by Graham Masterton
The Drowned: A Short Story
A chilling new case for Ireland's most fearless detective Katie Maguire.
The Heirloom by Graham Masterton
The Heirloom
A family heirloom with a strange secret, by acclaimed horror writer Graham Masterton.
The Sphinx by Graham Masterton
The Sphinx
A horrifying legacy of Egyptian legends in Graham Masterton's brutal early novel.
Unspeakable by Graham Masterton
Supernatural vengeance in Graham Masterton's all-too-real psychological thriller.
Walkers by Graham Masterton
A dark and horrifying tale of Druidism, madness and murder by leading horror writer Graham Masterton.
Scarlet Widow by Graham Masterton
Scarlet Widow
New Hampshire, 1756: Six pigs are found viciously slaughtered; slices of looking-glass embedded in their mouths. According to scripture, this is the work of Satan – but Beatrice Scarlet, the apothecary's daughter, suspects the hands of men. She must act quickly to unmask the killer – or become the next victim herself.
The Coven by Graham Masterton
The Coven
Beatrice Scarlet, the apothecary's daughter, returns to 18th-century London to solve a murder case steeped in witchcraft.
Eye for an Eye by Graham Masterton
Eye for an Eye
Ireland's most fearless detective hunts down a priest-killer in county Cork.
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    Katie Maguire
    1st Jul 2015
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Taken for Dead by Graham Masterton
Taken for Dead
Katie Maguire hunts down a serial killer in county Cork.
Blood Sisters by Graham Masterton
Blood Sisters
Katie Maguire hunts a serial killer targeting nuns.
Buried by Graham Masterton
Katie Maguire reopens a cold case involving the disappearance of a well-to-do family from Cork.
Living Death by Graham Masterton
Living Death
Katie Maguire reopens a cold case and goes undercover in order to find the connection between drug trafficking and a spate of violent attacks that leave the victims severely disabled.
Dead Girls Dancing by Graham Masterton
Dead Girls Dancing
Katie Maguire investigates the strange, obsessive world of Irish folk dancing in the new gripping and gruesome thriller from Graham Masterton.
Dead Men Whistling by Graham Masterton
Dead Men Whistling
Police corruption, whistleblowers and murder. DCI Katie Maguire investigates a string of police fatalities in the new thriller from Graham Masterton.