Katie's World


A constant theme in Dead Men Whistling is The Butterfly which is an Irish slip jig for low-D whistle. It has a wonderfully spooky quality to it.

Foltchain, Katie's Irish red-and-white setter. The breed was almost extinct but has now been revived by dedicated breeders.

The female Garda uniform that Katie would have worn before she became a detective.

The official badge of An Garda Siochana.  

Barney, Katie's Irish setter.

Katie's Smith & Wesson Airweight revolver.

Templemore Garda College where Katie would have studied.

A view of the Garda station in Cork where Katie works.

The CCTV room in Cork Garda station.

The Berwick Fountain on Grand Parade where Sister Mulroney's body was dumped. 

The view from Katie's house across Cork Harbour towards her father's house in Monkstown.

St Patrick's Street, Cork, with the statue of the abstinence campaigner Father Mathew.